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Honoring our nonprofit founders, and founding board and committee members as we transition in 2012


Spencer Stander
Spencer Stander, a Cool Green board member, has long been an advocate for the environment. A long-time resident of California, he recently took his participation to the next level when he co-founded Cool Green. Spencer is dedicated to helping the planet and cooling the globe by removing CO2 and other green house gases from the atmosphere. His father started similar programs that have resulted in the planting of millions of trees.

Professionally, Spencer works in the entertainment industry as a television producer and has his own production company. He has worked with John Wells and David E. Kelley, and has held positions at Warner Bros., Sony, and E! Entertainment. He also has won multiple awards for his work as an editor and composer.




Jeannette Bon Durant
A co-founder of Cool Green, Jeannette Bon Durant has focused on holistic approaches to living for over 20 years from organic foods and a non-toxic home to holding the position of communications director for a college of holistic and integrative medicine. Early on, she saw the danger of toxins to people and the environment and has written about related issues, from the dangers of endocrine disruptors in plastics to holistic approaches to disease. Researching environmental ties to allergies and disease, along with international travel and its first-hand and often unapologetic view of heavy industrial pollution of air and water, led to her personal goal of reducing environmental toxins.

Jeannette has a deep understanding of non-profit administration and leadership. For the last few years, she has provided direction in fundraising and communications for an AIDS organization, working closely with the board of directors. As a communications director and publications manager in higher education, she developed and maintained the visual and written images for three institutions in New York. She also ran her own company with corporate clients and won several awards for her work as an art director and photographer in public television.

August Bradley
Committee Member
August Bradley, creator of the Cool Green Portrait Series, spent four years living in a hollow tree in the Tahoe National Forest and worked to preserve natural water flows essential to healthy ecosystems in the Sierras.

After returning to civilization, August resumed his photography career shooting fashion and portraits. Now, he creates distinctive images for clients ranging from designer labels to large consumer brands to lifestyle magazines. His work was recently selected for inclusion in the Graphis 2008 Photo Annual of the “Best Photography of the Year”, and received top awards in the Beauty category and 12 Honorable Mentions across the Fashion & Portrait categories in the IPA “Photographer of the Year Awards”.

August grew up in his mother’s photography studio, starting out as a lighting assistant shortly after learning to walk. He virtually lived in the darkroom throughout high school and college, exploring photojournalism, travel photography, and outdoor adventure photography before ultimately specializing in fashion and stylized portraits. August previously developed marketing strategies for consumer brands including Gap, Banana Republic, J.Crew, Circuit City, Crate & Barrel, and others.

Alvin Cowan
Committee Member
Alvin Cowan joined Cool Green at its inception to create powerful programs that generate global cooling and a cleaner, healthier world for tomorrow. He is a 2004 graduate from Yale University with a degree in Political Science. Appreciative of the natural environment, Alvin is an outdoors enthusiast and was quarterback and captain of the Yale football team.

Formerly in media sales, Alvin is pursuing his professional acting career. He has appeared in multiple short films and theater productions and is in talks to appear in an InSight Productions feature length film. In addition to living in the U.S., Alvin lived and worked in Romania and Albania before moving to Los Angeles. He brings to Cool Green a commitment to environmental action and an insight into government and political institutions.

Ian Davidson
Board Member

An avid international surfer and Cool Green board member, Ian Davidson’s personal and professional actions in caring for the environment are life-long. From monitoring levels of fecal coliforms in New York waters in the early 1990’s – identifying failure in water treatment, run-off problems and possible contamination with pathogens – to membership in Surfrider Foundation, frequent hiking and camping trips throughout the U.S. and global surfing trips, Ian developed an appreciation and concern for the fragile balances in Nature.

With OSHA certification and a degree in Biology from SUNY, Ian began working as an environmental scientist for a consulting firm for remediation of toxic sites and was a key management member in Superfund site remediation in New York. He moved on to become a financial broker for one of Wall Street’s top on-line trading firms, where he managed volatile high risk accounts for several years. Most recently, Ian returned to school to receive his RN. He has been working for Scripps Healthcare since 2004, moving from Lead RN in the Cardiac Care Center to ICU and making a personal difference at the bedside of critically ill patients.

Micheal Gonzolas
Committee Member
Micheal Gonzolas grew up in earthy Santa Fe New Mexico where he developed a deep appreciation for Nature – spending many years exploring and enjoying the natural beauty in his home state. He is committed to planting trees, recycling and using his influence to create awareness of our planet’s delicate eco-system.

Now in Los Angeles and an entertainment industry professional, Micheal works as a manager in costume design at Disney. Along with his passion to protect global natural resources, he brings extensive fashion experience and organizational skills to Cool Green and the Cool Green Fashion for Forests initiatives.

Heather Hinkel
Board Member
Heather Hinkel, a native of Pennsylvania, became an advocate of the environment long before moving to California, from many years of activities in the natural beauty of the Pocono Mountains. Heather’s concerns come from her firsthand awareness of the encroachment of development on forest and farm communities and the destructive footprint left in nature from careless consumption of energy and natural resources.

In addition to extensive experience in non-profit administration, Heather brings to the Cool Green Board her expertise in developing fundraising and awareness campaigns. She serves as Executive Director of the Entertainment AIDS Alliance (EAA) and has held that position for seven of her nine years with the organization. EAA is a grassroots effort managed almost entirely by volunteers that have raised more than $3.5 million for AIDS assistance, research and public policy support. She oversees non-profit operations that enable over 90% of all revenue to be distributed.

As a producer of the 75th Anniversary of the Right for Women to Vote and West Hollywood Advisory activities, she was honored with an award from the City of West Hollywood, and she continues to be involved in charitable activities citywide.

Christina Huntington
Committee Member
Christina Huntington, an actor, event specialist and Los Angeles native, has maintained an ongoing dedication to the community – volunteering for 10 years to distribute food and clothing at the St. Elisabeth Serve Center, participating in AIDS Walk LA, and supporting other charitable endeavors in addition to Cool Green. She is committed to the reforestation of the continents and balancing atmospheric CO2 levels to create a future where all people are supported by a healthy, thriving planet.

A recipient of several scholarships, Christina graduated with honors in Acting from UC and also is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art Professional Program in London. She has acted internationally and heads two production companies that foster new filmmaking talent. Her credits include theater, acting on several primetime TV series, and numerous voice-over and film roles.

As a manager of special events, Christina coordinated promotional events for MTV, VH1, Lifetime, Virgin Records, and Interscope Records, as well as high-profile events for Kathleen Sacchi The Fine Art of Events, including the Juicy Couture Swimwear Launch, Paris Hilton Perfume Launch, Kanye West Grammy After Party and “Finding Neverland” Premiere, among others.

Julia Lee
Board Member
A California resident for over 10 years, Julia is committed to a life with a focus on sustainability and has had a passion to significantly improve the environment from an early age. Julia, a Cool Green board member, is a life-long vegetarian and an avid recycler. After participating in numerous Southern California beach clean-ups and initiating the changes to acquire all of her home’s energy needs from “green” sources, she felt a need to accomplish more for lasting positive changes to the environment. Julia is especially concerned about dramatically reducing atmospheric CO2 and other “greenhouse” gases for the sake of future generations.

Professionally, Julia is an accomplished actor and heads two businesses. She moved from Santa Fe, New Mexico to attend the University of California, where she graduated with a B.A. in Theater. While studying for her degree, her exceptional work was honored with numerous awards and scholarships. Recognizable in films and television, Julia’s acting career includes work in the notable productions of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, WB’s Grind, Vin Diesel’s film, A Man Apart, and The Hillside Strangler, among many others.

Erika Mackie
Committee Member
Erika Mackie is the youngest founding committee member of Cool Green – recognizing the importance of global cooling initiatives and seeing the role that the fashion industry can play in effecting positive changes to the natural environment. In addition to her passion for environmental protection, she brings her expertise and relationships in the fashion and related industries to Cool Green and Cool Green Fashion for Forests projects.

Erika works as a professional runway model for top designers. She also has established a career in print modeling and is recognizable to many. Successfully appearing in many independent films and projects, she recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue her acting career.

Erika is responsible for Cool Green’s www.hotinhollywood.tv blog.
Daniel Vosovic
Fashion designer Daniel Vosovic, easily recognized from his participation in the series "Project Runway," brought awareness to a wide audience concerning the environmental impact of fabrics with his 2007 Bravo TV blog on organic fabrics. In addition to his rising fashion career, Daniel earned professional status as a dance instructor and choreographer and was a competitive national gymnast for twelve years. With this background, he understood early about the relationship between personal health and fitness and the health of the environment.

In February 2006, Daniel presented his 13-piece collection at New York's Fashion Week to glowing reviews, after being voted in the top three of 15 competitors by the judges of Bravo Television's Emmy-nominated series "Project Runway." A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, he continued his studies and training in London, Paris and Milan. Following the series, he created the Daniel Vosovic NYLO Collection, an extensive collection of pieces for hotel chain NYLO's new 150 US locations. The uniform collection is complemented by a wide range of merchandise, including accessories and outwear, available online and in NYLO boutiques. In addition to currently working in NYC, he is involved in several charities and is also completing his first book, "Fashion Inside Out" which is slated to be on shelves in fall 2008.

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